Miracle Baby recounts my eventful childhood memories, lamenting the not-so-adventurous details of my life from birth, as a teenager and into adulthood. The book documents the numerous excruciating life-changing moments that have catapulted and defined a list of my thought-provoking innate adult experiences.

Please join me as I share with you at least once per month, an excerpt from each chapter (totaling 10 chapters), in the form of a Blog. *Miracle Baby is set for a November 2017 release!!

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Growing up extremely poor made it very difficult to escape the problems of prematurity, than from the problems of just being so tiny. 

I was recently asked during an interview, ‘why I’d have finally decided to author my upcoming autobiography, Miracle Baby?’

The truth is that, the thought of sharing my life story with others resonated with me for years. The longer it took for me to initiate the project, the more excruciating became the pain and anxiety, the remembrance of dramatic specific events took away the joy of completing certain tasks and in retrospect the project just kept on expanding.

Even when I decided to move forward with the project, I had to take a step back and asked myself, “What makes my story a glamorous one or a story that anyone would be interested in reading and to know more about?”


From a general perspective and where I’m sitting today, I still have no real answers to any these questions. An honest answer may be that the humanitarian factor kicked in with purpose. My genuity has pushed me in a direction that have propelled me to form an educated opinion, that it is of absolute necessary importance to share my experiences with others, of whom may have been in similar situations and may be able to learn from my experiences.

I decided to create this Blog to keep my audience abreast of my titled, Miracle Baby autobiography to be released November 2017. Over the next 10 months, I will be sharing an excerpt from each of the 10 chapters once per month. This month’s excerpt is taken from the very first chapter – Low Birth Weight.

So, just who is Rose Green? And, How many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?” Bob Dylan…… the answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind!

Miracle Baby recounts eventful childhood memories, lamenting the not-so-adventurous details of my life as a teenager whilst documenting the excruciating life-changing moments that catapulted and defined a list of my thought-provoking innate adult experiences. The childhood to adult experience embodies the search for a place to call home, most often initiated by travel or homelessness which most often resulted in tragically dark times. Fortunately an entrepreneurial lifestyle within Music and Track & Field provided an escape.

“I was born at 22 weeks on December 13, weighing 1.5 pounds to my parents, Daphne and Lloyd Ashley Green in the district of Retirement, St Mary in Jamaica. My Mom performed an at-home self-delivery. Over the years, she recanted that I was so tiny that I was usually pinned onto and carried around on a pillow. I was nicknamed ‘lickle bit’ due to my birth weight and size.

There are many risk factors associated with low birth weight babies who are born prematurely and had opened up many questions for my Mom. Unfortunately, my questions would remain unanswered or she would constantly change the subject or to provide short responses to my questions. As I grew into adulthood, there were so many indicators that my Mom’s social position may have paid a pivotal role of my low birth weight as it pertained to the household income and that even her own achievements may have impacted my weight distribution during her pregnancy. There is also my suspicion that there was a huge lack of support of the health care system due to the community in which we once reside.” –Chapter 1 –Low Birth Weight, Miracle Baby 

Today I am a humanitarian, a songwriter, a music producer, a track & field coach, a motivational speaker and the greatest gift of all; a mother to two (2) amazing ambitious kids.

Being ambitious was something I initiated from birth. I set out on a path to accomplish the things I desired and as of today I am still a work in progress. My work in progress includes penning and sharing my life story with the masses. Being able to share my journey from birth to where I am today, Miracle Baby is one of my greatest accomplishments.

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