Track & Field has taught me so much. Songwriting and music productions has been my drug of choice that have afforded me the ability to cope with both subjects on a professional level. Constructive and effective preparedness is of the essence and should not be taken for granted. I've mastered the craft of acquiring so much growth and knowledge within my space of higher consciousness, to know that the creation of the 360 track & field and music module is one of relevance. Both subjects are equipped with  adequate basic fundamental processes, aligned with quality structured training programs that are of relevance to both aspiring athletes and seasoned musicians working towards achieving their individual goals." 
-Rose Green, CEO





Showcases a cycle that equates quality base training within track & field and music; assessing knowledgeable workshops and programs that are able to provide primary assistance within selected athletic or music associated projects  
Prepares a roadmap of guidance for each individual. It is through this process we are able to provide viable resource components that an athlete or musician may need, such assisting with the necessary ​​support  that a seasoned athlete or musician may need 
Organizing and scheduling appropriate premium events and projects to gauge the optimal performance of all athletes and musicians as a primary means to acquiring substantial elite to professional bookings. We assist with initiation to final execution of all projects
Track & Field 

We strive to build a world leading atmosphere has been noticeable by the rave of reviews from sports enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The athletics training camp has initiated an integrated athletics structured program that incorporates social and personal development for emerging elites to becoming professionals.

A unique tiered program has been created that averages a minimal 6 weeks to a maximum five (5) months of residency. The processes are designed to prepare emerging track & field athletes for major competitions by integrating a 10 month calendar that is inconclusive of practice instruction at a low cost-effective rate, within a team setting.

Organizing an athletic training camp of this magnitude puts an emphasis on a world-class specific training honed by the development and success of our athletes. The main focus of our systems is on base training, speed, strength and mental conditioning for short, middle, long distance and marathoners. It is through these outlined processes that our athletes will be able to receive individualized training from leading coaches, elite and industry professionals.

The core value of athletic training camp program assists our athletes with peak performance, mental and physical attributes, whilst building character development aligned with a focus on athletic progression.

The ATC360 professional staffing consists of an ambitious athletics training program that is built on the fundamental standard of physical and technical training that prepares our athletes for the elite to professional stage. We’ve created a structured, challenging and motivating environment led by professional coaches who knows what it takes to perform at the highest level as we assist each athlete to reaching their true potential.

Music news!!

Athletics Training Camp360 (ATC360) today announced its Liberation for the Poor campaign project. The project is designed to raise funds for assisting starving track and field athletes signing onto the upcoming ATC360 athletics training camp project. Additionally, there is an option for sponsors wishing to donate monetary amounts to other deserving athletes who will not be a part of the ATC360 athletics training camp project experience.

As part of the company's humanitarian effort and service, ATC360 plans to release its upcoming music Single – Hustlers on the Streets, a song depicting a few tribulations that athletes are faced with, issues such as adjusting to societal normalcy especially after immediate huge competitions, such as the recent Rio Olympic Games.

"There is the need for a positive service shift to contribute to this project. The creative process to include the Hustlers on the Street Single as part of the Liberation for the Poor project was a no-brainer. The writing, engineering, producing and mastering is a fusion and collaboration with Golden Muzik Records® based in Ghana. I’ve been working with these guys for the past ten years and together we have gathered enough material that approximate about 8-10 albums. For me, it’s being blessed with the abilities of producing quality music and an excellent track and field Coach that has driven this creative process. It’s a pleasure working with Samuel G and Yung Eagle of Golden Muzik Records. Musical Vibes is of importance to me and I just won’t work with anyone; especially persons that will waste my time or prolong my projects. I’m very selective and I draw for the best. My newly developed business ATC360 has initiated vital prospects that equate immediate positive impact on operational improvement and one that affords us room for growth.  It is very encouraging to know that we are already experiencing massive improvement in our synergy of service at this early stage. Collaboratively, we look toward to rolling out our lists of service projects geared towards connecting with other international businesses. The Hustlers in the Streets Single is preliminary but there’s so much more to come; happenings in regards to track & field and music.  The sky is the limit.”
The ATC360 camp is set to commence mid- October 2016 in Jamaica. A portion of the sale proceeds from purchase of the Single will be use to successfully guarantee launching the athletics training camp project.

Hustlers in the Streets will be available for pre-purchase as a single item on  Sat, October 1 via Itunes, Google Play etc and for an official Single Release date of October 25. Persons wishing to make a donation to the Liberation for the Poor campaign project may visit the Indiegogo link